Nothing worth having in life is easy, and Jeff Ber is living proof. When Jeff Ber was diagnosed with testicular cancer, it changed the course of the rest of his life. Fueled by the same sense of determination that progressed his career, Jeff not only defied the odds and beat cancer, but has continued to advocate for reduced stigma surrounding men’s health. Jeff Ber has since overcome multiple hurdles towards building a career that helps his clients realize their potential, and just took the leap into entrepreneurship.


Jeff Ber has more than a decade of experience specializing in business management. Having been repeatedly recognized for acumen in analysis and business management services, Jeff Ber has always had a knack for creating personal relationships with individuals and business clients. In 2015, Jeff Ber was named “Young Gun of the Year” from a leading independent publication, recognized for his ability to push the envelope through innovation and growth. Jeff is now taking a leap into the world of entrepreneurship, in hopes of providing fellow entrepreneurs and professionals with guidance through his business consulting services. 

Independently and on a freelance basis, Jeff Ber now provides entrepreneurs with advice regarding problem solving strategies, idea and concept development, and market and competitor analysis. In hopes of helping launch successful start-ups and small businesses, Jeff Ber is excited for this new chapter.